Renewable Electricity Project

Renewable Solar Electricity Project
Name and background of
Inovasure (partner to the South African LiveSure Living Security “Ensurance” and Technology Company
Core focus sector Renewable energy
Total project investment
ZAR1,2 million
Sources of funding
Private and donor
Project status Pre-feasibility
Partnerships Garden Route District promotes all forms of partnerships.
Full contact details of project lead GRDM Planning and Economic Development Department; Passmore Dongi,
+27 44 803 1357; +27 82 805 5285;
When investment is required Immediately
Proposed completion date
Over 500 permanent jobs to be generated (2500+ family members impacted);
800≤ temporary construction jobs during Phase 1 (150MW of power)

Kannaland Municipality is renowned for its cheese factories and the production of world-famous diary and wine products. Major beneficiation of agricultural products in the form of cheese, dairy, wine and port occurs at processing plants and wineries within its boundaries rather than the raw material being exported to value-adding enterprises elsewhere.

Kannaland Municipality is an area of outstanding natural beauty and bio-diversity significance with great appeal to the wilderness and adventure tourism market, such as eco-resorts and getaways, hiking, bird-watching, organised and informal mountain biking and self-drive and motorcycle touring.

Kannaland experiences insufficient electricity supply and has embarked on a renewable electricity project in partnership with a private company called Inovasure. The project centres around the Inovasure RMEMS (Energy Vault) which is effectively a large UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and receives power during off-peak times during the day and introduces it back into the distribution network during peak times. The project was approved by National Treasury and is currently going through a public participation process. This project has the potential to improve electrical supply to the area which will act as a stimulus for economic growth in different sectors and it is estimated to create around 600 jobs in the Kannaland area.

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