Sustainable and Renewable Energy Projects

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM)
Core focus sector Sustainable and renewable energy
Total project investment
Capitalisation estimate: ZAR30 billion for
the Garden Route Renewable energy projects over 3-5 years
Sources of funding
Public, private or donor funding
Funding gap
Possible incentives available
Yes, it differs per municipality. Incentives include payment holidays, rates and taxes incentives, bulk infrastructure supplied.
Project status Pre-feasibility studies completed in most cases
Partnerships Garden Route District promotes all forms of partnerships.
Full contact details of project lead GRDM Planning and Economic Development Department; Passmore Dongi,
+27 44 803 1357; +27 82 805 5285;
Proposed job creation
Over 500 permanent jobs to be generated (2500+ family members impacted); 800≤ temporary construction jobs during Phase 1 (150MW of power)

Regional renewable energy options that are sustainable and can significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels have been identified. These projects include solar, thermal and photovoltaic electricity generation, wind electricity generation, biomass applications, wave power, hydropower and regional sludge-to-energy projects. Advantages include employment creation, proximity to point-of-use and less reliance on concentrated sources of energy which in turn will create opportunities for local investment in infrastructure and development of energy security for the region. Upgrading and expansion of electricity infrastructure (such as substations, supply lines, internal reticulation and turbines) are equally important to ensure a stable electricity network. The GRDM is currently implementing a number of green energy projects, which all pose opportunities for investments. Waste to energy projects as well as the HACE Hydro project (to generate energy from sea swells) are further feasible investment opportunities.


  • Mossel Bay: (regional landfill facility, bio and wind energy, waste and biomass to energy plant to supply green baseload energy and green fuels)
  • Kannaland: (solar energy)
  • Oudtshoorn: (Dysselsdorp proposed photovoltaic plant and solar energy)
  • George (George Biomass plant, solar and bioenergy)
  • Hessequa: (biomass, wind and bioenergy)
  • Bitou: (bioenergy)
  • Knysna: (waste beneficiation and clean energy – innovative technology to transform biomass into activated bio-carbon, wood vinegar and heat energy)
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