Waste to Energy Initiative Project

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Local companies
Core focus sector Renewable energy
Total project investment ZAR 3,3 million
Sources of funding Private funding
Project status Not yet initiated
Partnerships Public-private partnership
Full contact details of project lead Fumanekile Makuyekwe: Project Coordinator: Trade and Investment Promotion
Knysna Municipality, 302 6388 (direct) or +27 44 302 6301 (switchboard); fmakuyekwe@knysna.gov.za
Potential jobs created 300 over two years

The New Carbon Innovative Technology Biochar Plant focuses on holistic green solutions that have true triple-p (people, planet, profit) benefits. The project is focused on the renewable energy, food security and rehabilitation sectors by transforming biomass and biomass waste into biochar and related products. Applying these products will accelerate and improve soil and livestock health and fertility in farming, soil rehabilitation, water and effluent purification as well as the production of energy from biomass to operate our technologies and meet the growing energy requirements of communities.

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