Calitzdorp Tuk Tuks

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Municipal and Private Sector JV
Core focus sector Tourism and transport
Total project investment
ZAR3 million for Tuk Tuks and steam train
Sources of funding
DTI, Department of Small Business Development and Department of Transport
Possible incentives available
Creating jobs amongst the unemployed youth, Cost-effective measure to contribute to transport
Project status Pe-feasibility phase
Partnerships GRDM, Kannaland Municipality, private sector and the local community
Full contact details of project lead Mike Muuren, +27 83 285 4751;
Potential jobs created
For jobs for four Tuk Tuks (starting point)

Kannaland Municipality is renowned for its cheese factories and the production of world-famous diary and wine products. Major beneficiation of agricultural products in the form of cheese, dairy, wine and port occurs at processing plants and wineries within its boundaries rather than the raw material being exported to value-adding enterprises elsewhere.

Kannaland Municipality is an area of outstanding natural beauty and bio-diversity significance with great appeal to the wilderness and adventure tourism market, such as eco-resorts and getaways, hiking, bird-watching, organised and informal mountain biking and self-drive and motorcycle touring.

Currently, no affordable transport system exists that links Bergsig to the Calitzdorp town. People, therefore, have to walk town whether it is for work, shopping, interacting with the Municipality, attending the clinic or going to school. An affordable transport system will alleviate this burden, assist the population and facilitate business.

The Tuk Tuks will also help grow tourism as tourists will effectively have taxis that can transport them from Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) to restaurants and back. This will once again support and create jobs at the restaurants, cellars and B&Bs.