George Airport Precinct Projects

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Airports Company South Africa (George Airport); Dynarc Capital (Pty)Ltd (Farm Gwayang no 208, portions 130, 131 and 132)
Core focus sector Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
Total project investment
To be determined
Sources of funding
Public and private funding
Possible incentives available
George Municipality has an incentive policy in place and investors are encouraged to apply for incentives.
Project status George Airport presently has rights to develop a hotel and a service station on their property. The company has appointed consultants to develop a site development plan for the airport to allow for the implementation of existing rights which include airport related services, air cargo services, cold storage warehousing, car rental fleet management, hotels and restaurants. Dynarc Capital has rights to develop a service station, hotel and tourist facilities on their properties. Access approvals to the property is at an advanced stage.

Dynarc has submitted an application to acquire industrial rights (airport related industries) on Portion 130. The development of the precinct is subject to the GANEP roads master plan developed for the George Municipality. The master plan has been adopted by Council. The EIA process relating to the GANEP is at an advanced stage.

The master plan will ensure that developer contributions toward the building of new roads and upgrades to the existing road network is done fairly.

Partnerships Public-private partnerships
Full contact details of project lead Joan Shaw,
Mobile number 0814129995

This zone consists mostly of land that is currently owned by the Airport Company and utilised for the airport and related structures. The airport maintains its own development framework, relating to the land which belongs to the Airport Company. Land uses within the zone need to be subsidiary and related to the basic functions of the airport and any proposals for development must be done in collaboration with the municipality. Significant extensions to the George Airport are in an advanced stage and include upgrading the terminal from six to eight boarding gates, additional lounge and concourse space as well as new cargo facilities to accommodate additional passenger and cargo activity.

Plans are on the table for mixed spatial development east of the airport with potential to accommodate support land uses that render support services to the airport facilities or that provide a direct service to tourists. It is aimed at providing opportunities for land uses that are reconcilable with the airport, such as freight and logistics companies, manufacturing and tourist facilities. This zone is intended for the area between the existing R404 and the new future realignment of the western by-pass.

The planned Gwayang and Airport precincts ensures that the concept of a Regional SEZ takes shape and it is envisaged that the Agri-Processing sector as proposed may be accommodated in this development. The Gwayang development is also bordering the larger of George’s waste water treatment plants, where investigations are under way to establish a Regional Anaerobic Organic Waste Digestor – manufacturing amongst others fertiliser for the agricultural sector and possible biogas applications

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