Information Technology Project

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Private sector and the Mossel Bay Municipality
Core focus sector Manufacturing / Business / Construction
Total project investment Design-dependent
Sources of funding Private investors
Possible incentives available Incentives as per incentives policy
Project status Pre-feasibility
Partnerships Recommendations from investors
Full contact details of project lead Gwynne Harding, +27 44 606-5000;
Potential jobs created Investor-dependent

Mossel Bay has a vibrant local economic development focus and several catalytic interventions are in the pipeline to stimulate and augment the local economy. In today’s world, information technology (IT) plays a vital role in commerce and business and it is one of the backbones of most developed countries. Advancement in IT minimizes the required time for working in the business field. Electronic storage, protection of records and faster communication are benefits of IT.

On the practical and job creation side call centres to service, any product/industry in the universe can be established here. Mossel Bay has enough people material to be used in call centres. At present companies are introducing fibre to all areas of Mossel Bay. In the past, the larger IT companies avoided Mossel Bay because of the lack of fast enough speed to service the different systems. Programme and system developers can work from here. No specialised raw materials, except human and brainpower, is needed. Mossel Bay boasts a hub of “grey matter” of retired and semi-retired people who can contribute to the knowledge needed by the millennials that are trained in the IT field.

• App development and Techno Park
• Digital Training Academy