Agro-Processing and Food Security Projects

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Garden Route District Municipality
Core focus sector Agriculture
Total project investment ZAR12 million over a period of 1-10 years
Fresh produce market: ZAR150 million
Abattoir: ZAR120 million
Sources of funding Private, public and donor sectors
Possible incentives available Incentives include service-related, rates and charges-related incentives
Project status Pre-feasibility studies completed in most cases
Partnerships Local, provincial and national government. Garden Route District promotes all forms of partnerships. SMME/co-operatives opportunities.
Full contact details of project lead GRDM Planning and Economic Development Department; Passmore Dongi, +27 44 803 1357; +27 82 805 5285;

The Agricultural Policy Action Plan (APAP) identified revitalising fresh produce markets as a key output to address trade and market opportunities for SMMEs including smallholder farmers. The market infrastructure would allow the producers to centrally bring in their produce, subject them to cleaning, managing post-harvest pests, grading, packaging, loading and transporting to markets in the region, nationally and exports if the prices are good. The proposed fresh produce markets facilities could also act as points of leverage, where market information, production information and extension services are discharged to the producers. It is against this background that GRDM conducted a feasibility study with a view to establish a fresh produce depot/market with packaging, grading, cold room and storage facilities in the region with possible export opportunities.

The outcome of the study is that there is a need for a national fresh produce market in the Garden Route; the necessary infrastructure needs to be in place in the region to support this. The fresh produce market, therefore, offers an infrastructure development investment opportunity, such as construction, roads, water for irrigation (especially for emerging farmers) and electricity services. The aim is to complement the establishment of a fresh produce market with infrastructure that is needed for food security, to stimulate the economy, create much-needed jobs as well as create market access for smallholder farmers. The partners are the GRDM, George National Fresh Produce Market, Garden Route Fresh Express Market, Property developers, Tikketai (emerging farmer model), ACSA and Mossel Bay port.

Plans for a feasibility study on regional abattoirs have also been tabled.

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