Southern Cape Economic Optimization Initiative

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Sarbana Jurong
Core focus sector Manufacturing /Business / Construction
Total project investment
Design dependent (ZAR30 billion)
Sources of funding
Private investors
Possible incentives available
Incentives as per incentives policy
Project status Pre-Implementation
Partnerships Recommendations from investors
Full contact details of project lead Gwynne Harding, +27(0)44 606-5000;
Potential jobs created
Investor dependent

Mossel Bay has a vibrant local economic development focus and several catalytic interventions are in the pipeline to stimulate and augment the local economy. These include oil, gas, biofuels and downstream products from PetroSA – speciality paraffin products. Products currently imported, such as ethylene and derivatives, may augment the production of chemical and related products (such as commodity chemicals, alcohol, and fertiliser). Special Economic Zone (SEZ) tax incentives are also on the table with VAT and customs relief, employment tax incentives, building allowances and reduced corporate income tax rates.

SEZ initiatives identified, include:

  • Agri processing
  • Aquaculture
  • Aviation related operations (training, maintenance, supplies)
  • Business Processing Unit (Contact Centre, outsourced shared service)
  • Clean energy
  • Corporate head offices
  • Manufacturing (light, clean and hi-tech)
  • Ocean economy
  • Oil and gas
  • Research and development
  • Skills development
  • Tourism
  • Water desalination

Specific areas of interest (approximately 1600 hectares) identified in Mossel Bay, include:

  • Port of Mossel Bay
  • Container holding and distribution area at Voorbaai
  • Corporate Park development – Aalwyndal Area
  • Existing tank farm with oil and gas distribution infrastructure
  • Existing PetroSA and Eskom infrastructure area
  • Parts of Mossdustria
  • N2 industry (Mossdustria, Diazdustria)

These mixed-use industrial areas located next to the N2 freeway enable light industrial or business economic activities in order to promote economic growth and export as well as support existing oil and gas industries in the area.

Techno parks

Business Parks with clean and green manufacturing and sampling plants with the aim to export goods to the rest of South Africa and internationally are envisaged. This will be in line with the realities of the Fourth Revolution and a new way of doing business.

Aquaculture zone initiative

Mossel Bay is regarded as the site in South Africa best suited for marine finfish aquaculture and can be the impetus the local economy needs to provide job opportunities and better living conditions for a community that has for ages been dependent upon the sea for survival. The idea is to attract direct foreign investment; the initiative focuses on empowerment, job creation, skills development and enterprise development. The National Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries has initiated an EIA process which is at tender stage.

Oil, gas and related products

Due to the historical significance of the Mossgas project, the area is suited for several related industries such as off-shore petrol bunkering, oil and gas exploration, rig repair and container trans-shipment through the port of Mossel Bay.

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