Bitou Airport Precinct

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Bitou Municipality and private sector JV
Core focus sector Transport and Storage
Total project investment ZAR50 581 400
Project status Pre-Implementation
Partnerships Bitou Municipality and private sector
Full contact details of project lead Bitou Municipality, LED Department: Lesley Jacobs;
Potential jobs created 200 during construction, and 50 permanent and 100 temporary jobs

The project requires the appropriate development of the Plettenberg Bay Airport facility to accommodate air traffic that does not compromise the nature of the town and that should be carefully managed over a 10-, 20-, and 30-year timeline.

Appropriate mechanisms can be put in place for the development of the terminal building with properly qualified partners, again on a build-operate-transfer basis. Specialist airport operators, such as ACSA, should be considered as partners. They bring vast technical and legal skill, access to resources, and well-established supplier networks, and importantly ensure airport neutrality, and fair access for all. They are also well positioned to ensure profitability, as the airport should be run as a business with a profit motive, and if properly run, it should make money. Development possibilities include a 250-meter runway extension, a new terminal building, the development of new hangars, a light industrial park, improved let-down facilities, and an extension of the ramp and parking facilities.