Student Accommodation

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Garden Route District Municipality
Core focus sector Property Development
Total project investment
ZAR2 billion
Sources of funding
Public entities, Government and the private sector
Funding gap
Possible incentives available
Payment holidays on leases, especially during the pre-implementation phases. Reduced tariffs and rates are also on the cards. Opportunities for synergy with renewable energy on all these developments exist.
Project status Pre-feasibility
Full contact details of project lead Passmore Dongi,
Potential jobs created
Over 4 000 permanent jobs to be generated (16 000+ family members impacted);
6 000+ temporary jobs during construction phase

The Garden Route District Municipality Student Housing proposal (SHP) focuses on the viability of developing municipality-owned undergraduate and postgraduate residential apartments and university staff residential estates. A comprehensive new construction strategy was developed to increase the number of off-campus housing beds by 3000 during Phase 1 in 2021 to be achieved through:

  • construction of 1000 three-bedroom residential apartments
  • common spaces, including recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, and study facility
  • a new dining facility

Further similar phases may be introduced as the need arises. Serving both undergraduate and postgraduate students, the off-campus housing project will create a high-quality learning community that results in a transformed academic village. More appealing facilities for students will be constructed with population density minimised by using double occupancy rooms. External green spaces throughout the community will be enhanced and a dining facility will coincide with residential community enhancements.

Associated developments will include the development of residential estates to accommodate the staff which in turn will attract and retain quality skill force in the region and ultimately set the Garden Route as the leading producer of quality graduates that will assist in driving the vision of the region and in growth and development.

Funding and investment options provided by a joint venture can also increase the total investment capacity of the proposed development.