CBD Small Business Development Project

Name and background of
applicant / developer
George Municipality
Core focus sector Economic
Sources of funding Public and private
Possible incentives available George Municipality has an incentive policy in place and investors are encouraged to apply for incentives if they plan to invest in the CBD. The incentives are divided into two main categories namely, administrative service-related, and rates and charges related.
Project status Zoning in place
Partnerships Public-private partnerships
Full contact details of project lead Joan Shaw, jshaw@george.gov.za, mobile number +27(0)81 412 9995
Potential jobs created For jobs for four Tuk Tuks (starting point)

The George Municipality is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the CBD as George’s primary economic activity centre and key spatial actions are aimed to retain business development and office occupancy in the CBD. As the George CBD is safe in comparison with other cities, the focus is to upgrade this area to ensure a vibrant, integrated and safe pedestrian environment and encourage private investment in the upgrading and redevelopment of the CBD’s buildings. These initiatives will be supported by good planning and the establishment of partnerships with the private sector in order to promote high-quality urban design and improve the overall appeal of the CBD. Opportunities exist in the centre of town when the MediClinic and Geneva hospitals will relocate to other premises; an opportunity exists to use these existing properties in the CBD for small business purposes, corporate offices, call centres and additional medical suites.

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