Medical Facilities Project

Name and background of
applicant / developer
Mossel Bay Municipality
Core focus sector Medical / Business / Construction
Total project investment
Sources of funding
Private investors
Funding gap
Possible incentives available
Incentives as per incentives policy
Project status Pre-feasibility
Full contact details of project lead Gwynne Harding, +27(0)44 606-5000;
Potential jobs created

Mossel Bay is a well-known medical hub in South Africa and boasts private as well as public hospitals and stepdown facilities. The private hospital annually rates under the Top 10 in South Africa. Some of the best specialists in an array of medical fields practice here and patients from all over the country and international travel to the town for their medical treatment. International patients visit the area for mainly cosmetic (plastic surgery) treatment because of the fact that it is so much cheaper (rand value) than in their countries. This also poses an excellent opportunity to invest in Medical Tourism. High-quality accommodation and recovery facilities are available.

The existing medical facilities are under much pressure because of the increased number of patients. The town is in dire need of more medical facilities (buildings) to accommodate the growing demand. Other medical groups need to be targeted to establish more medical as well as rehabilitation centres.

There is also a huge demand for training facilities in the medical field (I e nurses, frail care workers, palliative care, different rehabilitation care and more specialised services).